Art Quilt Classes
Hello! My name is Michelle. Thank you for your interest in my art quilt classes!

First a little about myself. I began quilting at age 17 when my best friend showed me a quilt from a class she had taken with her mother. It was a double Irish chain
and I fell in love with it so much I made my own. I had been sewing clothing since age 12 so I could sew, but I had no idea what I was doing when it came to quilting.
Therefore, my very first quilt contained poly/cotton broadcloth fabric, poly batting, and poly thread. OOPS!

Upon graduation from high school, I followed my heart and went to art school. I love it but my families' finances didn't, so I had to quit. I kept drawing and painting,
but entered the by the hour workforce, my dreams of working for Disney in the feature animation department forgotten.

Fast forward a few years and I had learned quite a lot about traditional quilting, including the proper type of fabric, thread, and batting to use, how to match points
(most of the time anyway :D ) and how to sandwich and quilt the sandwich by hand---though I wasn't very good at the quilting part and still to this day can't do the
tiny stitches my great grandmother and great aunt could do! Then I moved to Lawton and found a guild and classes I could take. My first one was an applique
class, and I loved it. I learned so many new things that I took every new and creative type of quilt class I could afford.

Then I lost my job, and while we were ok financially, there was no extra money for anything. Of course, that's right about when and art quilt class became available.
Talk about disappointed! Something to mix my art background and love of quilting and I couldn't do it! But wait! My extended family came through and surprised
me by paying for the class and the supplies! It was a two day class, one day in June and one in July. Kinda stretched out but I didn't care, I was going!

So I took the class--and was a bit disappointed. Yes I learned, but I didn't get what I expected out of the first class. It seemed many things were left out-especially
some critical details that would have made it much easier to create the project, and there was a bit of an odd way of doing it. "OK," I thought, I'll persevere and
learn it this way and finish with the second class and all these questions and missing pieces will probably be filled in.

You guessed it--they weren't! There was so much I wanted to know, so much left out, and while I was happy to have learned something new, I wasn't pleased with
the form it took-or my not so finished product. I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way of doing this! The artist that taught the class creates amazing
and beautiful work, so either her teaching isn't translating to my understanding, I've been missing a lot of key information, or she didn't want to give away the
secrets to exactly how she makes hers look so perfect. To this day, 8 years later, I still don't know which was it really was.

My first problem, I brought the wrong fabrics. The instructions said simply, 'bring fabric that YOU think looks like a skin tone' so I brought several different tans with
different undertones. WRONG! I should have brought several different SHADES of tan! I decided after the second class was complete to try it again myself. Off to
the local quilt shop I went. They have lots of beautiful fabrics, but I couldn't find enough different shades of any one color in the same tone. I left dissapointed.

Then, thanks to a Christmas gift that year, I discovered dyeing fabric. Three days after Christmas I had used up all the supplies that were in the kit and had placed
a new, large order. I read and researched all I could find on dyeing fabrics while waiting for it to arrive. It was then that I ran across an article that eventually led to
the creation of A Quilter's Easel!

After that, I tried the technique, love it, and decided to take those fabrics and try to create a new art quilt with them just to see if I could do it and figure out the
missing pieces. After several months of trial and error and redoing a lot of it, I finally worked out a new technique, one with all the steps, that led to my first
completed art quilt I loved, the one of my now husband and I (please see the
Art Quilt Gallery Page for this quilt!)

Now, after several years of creating art quilts, I've developed four different art quilt classes so YOU can learn how to create these beautiful quilts!

Feel overwhelmed? Like you can't figure it out? That's what I thought too. While it took me several months to work the kinks out and figure out an easy but looks
complicated technique, it will only take you a few hours! I promise, if you can cut and iron, you can make your own beautiful art quilt! It really is that easy now!

Please see below for information regarding each art quilt class option I offer and pick out which one you and your guild, group, or shop would like for me to teach,
then give me a call or send an email to schedule! Thank you!
How This All Got Started
General Information for All Classes
For each class option below, there are a few basic guidelines.

1. My minimum number of students per class is six (6).
2. My maximum number of students per class is twenty (20).
3. The per student class fee includes the pattern and all fabrics for the pattern portion of the project. Students will need to provide background options and
backing/binding/batting for quilting when ready.
4. Students will be expected to bring a list of tools and supplies needed (list to be sent out once a class is scheduled to the organizer of the class and distributed to
students once the class is paid for by the student).
5. Each class is a one day class, between 6 and 8 hours long.
6. If there is at least ten (10) students in one class, I will give a free trunk show to the guild, group, or shop on the same day, day before, or day after the class.
7. The guild, group, or shop is responsible to reimburse for travel expenses at the end of class/after trunk show (whichever is the end of the session) including
hotel if needed and mileage at the current IRS per mile rate. I do make my own reservations at the Choice Hotels line if there is one of their hotels available, and I
drive to all shows. I do not fly.

Each class option will cover all steps from color photograph to finished product, including different techniques for backgrounds. By the end of the class each
student should be able to complete their quilt at their own pace outside of class, including tips for creating or choosing a background.  Additionally, at the end of
the day each student will receive a booklet of step by step instructions covered over the course of the class, including supply sources. Students will be able to
sample several different art quilt supplies provided by myself to see what they like best (inks, markers, paints, pastels, etc)

Additionally, I will provide the photograph for each class, with discussion during each class regarding legally sourcing photographs for personal and professional
(public display/show entry) use.
Art Quilt 101A
Students will receive step by step
instruction in turning a photograph of
a rose in four stages of bloom into a
complete art quilt. Kit includes hand
dyed fabrics in light to dark shades
and all materials needed to complete
the flower wall hanging. Finished size
is approximately 14 x 36 inches. Class
fee is $50 per student including kit.
Art Quilt 101B
In this class, students will receive step
by step instruction in turning a
photograph of a honey bee on a flower
into a complete art quilt. Kit includes all
fabrics for the flower and bee. Finished
size is approximately 16x20 inches.
Class fee is $55 per student, including
Art Quilt 102
This is a little more advanced class. In
this class students will receive step by
step instruction from color photograph
to finished wall hanging of an animal. I
will include discussion on facial feature
specifics for different animals as well.
Again, kits include hand dyed fabrics in
light to dark shades and all materials
needed to complete the wall hanging.  
The finished project will be
approximately 16x20 inches. Class fee
is $60 per student, including kit.
Art Quilt 103
The most advanced class offering.
Students will receive instruction in
human portrait creation from
separating hair and skin tones, using
different colored fabrics outside of
‘normal’ colors, and special instruction
on facial features and achieving a
realistic look, especially with the eyes.
These kits still contain light to dark
shaded hand dyed fabrics. Class fee is
$65 per student, including kit.