Our Story
Hello and welcome! If you're on this page, you're curious about what makes A
Quilter's Easel tick. Well, that's my husband and myself! My name is Michelle,
and my husband is Rob. He helps with the technical side of things (like this
website and computer issues) and I do the creative parts.

I started quilting when I was 17. My best friend showed me a quilt in progress
from a class she and her mom took together (Irish Chain quilt in smoky blue,
lavender, and cream!). I fell in love with it and wanted to learn. I had grown up
with quilts all my life (my great-grandmother and her sister quilted) but hadn't
had an interest in learning until then.

Eight years ago I met my husband who fully supported my quilting and was
even intrigued by it. Since then, I've dove deep into quilting and quilt life. I
started hand dyeing fabric about five years ago, and took one art quilt class
four years ago.
different supplies and tools I use, because they aren't traditional quilting supplies.

Thanks to a wondrous blessing from my family, I now have a large studio (we converted our two car garage), and a long arm machine! I
had started selling my hand dyed fabrics at quilt retreats and to friends and guild members since I started dyeing.

I've wanted to start my own business since I was young, and after much thought and prayer, the light bulb came on! Why not start a
quilt shop (online and at quilt shows for now) that focuses on art quilting supplies and classes? So A Quilter's Easel was born!

We sell mostly hand dyed fabrics right now, but plan to slowly add more things that cater to the art quilt world while still carrying many
traditional quilting items. I also design new quilting patterns, and plan to add several different monthly subscription options such as
Christmas patterns, die cuts, and fabric packages to the shop as time passes.

Additionally, I currently create custom art quilts like the one of my husband and I above from photos, and create custom traditional
quilts as well. I just added long arm quilting services a few months ago and plan to offer art quilt and fabric dyeing classes and an art
quilt trunk show in 2018.

Please check back often for new things! We are always growing (slowly but surely!) and hope to make A Quilter's Easel your one stop
shop for art quilt supplies and creative options in the time to come!

Thanks for visiting!
Michelle & Rob